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1425 mts Santa Fosca | Selva di Cadore

In summer the locals mix with the numerous tourists. As the preferred meeting point, this place, with its beatuiful terrazza, offers a wonderful wiew its diary products and 25 ice-cream flavours and also low-calories and gluten-free ice-creams.
Not only dairy products is what you will find at the Bar Bianco, a word of advice...do not go away without tasting the great ice-creams that only the talented Gioacchino knows how to create in his Artesan Gelateria!

Gioacchino's place offers also 50 specialties with fresh fruit, liqueurs, fresh yoghurt, melted chocolate. For the children there is the Ape Maia, the Little Mouse, the Pinocchio the Snowman, and for those in love with walking, there is the famous cono da passeggio a mix of ice-cream, whipped cream and sweet syrups in a gigantic cone...

In winter you can taste the hot chocolate with whipped cream, il bombardino, the punch, the broulè, teas, caffè d'orzo with wine like in the old days and for the macho men, also the "medicine".... it also offers fresly baked croissants and capuccino available every day, chesse selections plus a good glass of wine, and if you like you can also have an ice-cream even in this cold season!



And last but not least, as we used to say in ladino,
“con an piat de na bona ziera ve spete de tanc, e n gramarzhe’ a duc cuanc chi che ven a me ciata’ al Bar Bianco”
(with a beautiful smile I wait for you all and thank you for visiting the Bar Bianco).

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Terrace Bar Bianco
Terrace Bar Bianco
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